Express Checkout for Virtual Card

Express Virtual Checkout can be initiated from a merchant's cart page or Product Detail Page to encourage customers to pay with Zip earlier in the checkout process.

Cart Page Example

PDP Example


Virtual Checkout on PDP

With Express checkout on PDP, as customers will be checking out with Zip straight from the product page, it is recommended to only implement this for items where a customer's cart will typically only contain that one item.

Express Flow

Zip will collect the shipping and customer address information in the Express flow, and pass this information back to the merchant, along with the billing address for the virtual card. This allows the customer to bypass the shipping and billing information pages for a faster checkout experience.

How to Implement


Shipping and Tax Calculations

Estimated shipping and tax costs are calculated for customers in the Zip checkout flow. Once the order is placed, you can authorize the actual shipping and tax amounts on the Zip issued virtual card, and the customer's payment plan will update accordingly.