Merchant Portal

Use the Zip Merchant Portal to manage your orders, download reports, uncover insights, and more.

The Zip Merchant Portal is an essential tool to manage your business with Zip. All merchants can access the Zip Merchant Portal which provides insights into sales performance, customer demographics, order management, payouts, disputes, and more.

Insights Dashboard: Get a clear picture of sales performance, including sales trends over time and customer demographics such as age and location. Use this information to make data-driven decisions that can help grow your business.
Orders Search: Quickly search for specific Zip orders. View details about each order and refund orders¹ if needed, all from one convenient location.
Payments: Stay on top of upcoming payouts and view payout amounts and dates with ease. This feature helps merchants manage cash flow and plan business operations more effectively.
Statements: Generate detailed reports of all transactions in a given period, including payouts, refunds, and fees. These reports can be used for accounting and tax purposes and are available in CSV format for easy export.
Disputes: Resolve customer disputes and prevent chargebacks with this feature. Respond to and manage customer disputes, provide evidence to support your case, and maintain a good relationship with your customers.
Settings: Manage users with access to your portal, view API keys, and customize other settings related to your account.

¹ Upon request, the Merchant Portal can issue refunds for Zip orders. Please reach out to our Partner Support team.

To set up additional Merchant Portal accounts or any related questions, please reach out to our Partner Support team.