API Integration

This document will outline the API and the high-level requirements of completing a custom Zip API integration as a payment gateway for a merchant's website.

API Endpoint Documentation is available here

Functional Flow

This is a basic description of how an integration to the Zip payment gateway via our API would look.

  1. Customer selects Zip as their payment method during checkout on merchant's site.
  2. Customer on merchant's site does a form POST to the Zip /orders/authorize API endpoint containing basic information the order.
  3. Zip redirects to the Zip checkout.
  4. Customer completes payment process on Zip site.
  5. Zip redirects customer back to merchant site via a confirm or cancel URL (depending on whether they completed payment successfully or not). These URLs are set by merchant when creating the order.
  6. In addition to the customer navigating through the supplied confirm URL, the merchant will also receive a server-side POST from Zip to confirm the order authorization.