Get started with Zip's easy integrations designed for growth.

Getting Started

Whether you’re integrating directly with our APIs or using an ecommerce platform, getting up and running with Zip is quick and straightforward. To get started, follow the quick start checklist below. And, if you need us, real help is right here.

Integrating with Zip happens in 3 steps. Find quick start guides below for each step.

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Quick Start Checklists

Account Setup

Before you begin your integration, make sure your merchant account is ready to go.

  • Ensure you have a Merchant Portal account created. You'll find your API credentials here which are needed to continue your integration. If you don't have account or need help accessing your account, please contact us.
  • Create your Zip Connect Account so you can get paid. You can set this up by logging into your Zip Merchant Portal and clicking Log in to Stripe Connect under the Settings tab. Make sure you've completed this step before activating Zip as a payment method on your store.

Integrate Payment

Zip offers various ways to integrate. Learn more about the options below.

Virtual Card Integration

Enable Zip with your existing payment integration — no backend API updates required.

Start with Virtual Checkout

Custom API Integration

Use Zip's powerful APIs to create a custom integration that fits your needs.

Start with Custom Integration

Ecommerce Platforms

Install Zip with no code on popular platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce.

Start with Ecommerce Platform

Add Widgets

Add the Zip widgets to promote Zip to your customers.

  • Add the Zip Widget on your product detail pages, mini cart, and cart page.
  • Add the Payment Widget on your checkout page.