Widget Overview

What is the Zip Widget?

The Zip Widget is a visual price breakdown that appears on the product page, cart, and mini cart.

It is an easy way for your customers to understand Zip's benefits, how it works, and help inspire them to checkout. Our merchant partners with the Zip Widget on their product pages have shown that the widget can increase Conversion rate and Topline sales by more than 20%!

Shown below is an example of what the widget will look like once added to your product page, mini cart, and cart page.




Clicking on the widget

How do I Integrate the Widget?

To get the widget integrated in your Shopify store, please follow the Zip Widget Lite instructions to integrate, or add the widget with our Zip Widget App.

First, please check you are using one of the compatible Shopify Themes here.

Don't worry, if your theme is not supported, you can still integrate our widget! Simply use Zip's Classic Widget instructions.