Magento 1


Zip Magento 1 Cartridge is Deprecated

As of June 2020, we no longer support Magento 1 Cartridge. This is in line with Adobe ending support for Magento 1 as well. You can read about this here.

If you have not already begun your migration to Magento Commerce 2, we suggest reaching out to a Success Manager at Adobe - Magento here.

For Magento 1 stores, Zip offers a Magento 1 Extension for integrating Zip into your store.

Follow the steps in these guides to integrate Zip into your Magento 1 store:

  1. Add the Payment Gateway
  2. Integrate the Widget

If you have any questions or need any support integrating, please email us.


When do captures happen in Zip Magento payment gateway?

They happen automatically.