An abbreviated list of payments in JSON format.

Important Notes

If the "productType" is set to "Virtual", and the "transactionType" is set to "Capture", the following "metadata" will be returned in your response with these parameters:

  • authorizationCodes: An authorization code for the authorizations made on the virtual card. It can be one or many, depending on the number of authorizations done on the card.
  • networkTransactionId: A unique transaction id from the payment gateway.
  • issuingCardType: Can be "Virtual" or "InStore", depending on where the card was processed.

Note: The metadata will be blank for "transactionType": "Refund."

Example Response

        "merchantId": "788452a3-7339-409f-89bc-f1436006821e",
        "transactionId": "14be0d14-171f-4b69-9f49-2ce7537ac1bf",
        "transactionDateTime": "2022-08-17T23:59:28.1191459+00:00",
        "statementId": "77df71d9-3845-42b3-b78a-ade8833db2a0",
        "statementNumber": "77df71d9384542b3b78aade8833db2a0",
        "orderCreatedDateTime": "2022-08-17T23:59:25.932865+00:00",
        "orderNumber": "110817-282404",
        "orderId": "ab3eadeb-d6b4-41b4-8bf3-05d746192662",
        "merchantName": "TEST",
        "merchantReference": "6fgd835-ee5x7gzz-N",
        "merchantTransactionReference": "ea4278bf-e9f9-4bbd-8cf4-5864ab1a9c1d",
        "transactionType": "Capture",
        "debitOrCredit": "Credit",
        "currency": "USD",
        "amount": 396.0900,
        "amountSigned": 396.0900,
        "productType": "Virtual",
        "captureAmount": 396.0900,
        "merchantFeeAmount": 0,
        "refundAmount": 0,
        "merchantFeeReversalAmount": 0,
        "transactionFeeReversalAmount": 0,
        "transactionFeeAmount": 0,
        "merchantFeeForPaymentPlanAmount": 0,
        "merchantFeeForPaymentPlanReversalAmount": 0,
        "metadata": {
            "authorizationCodes": [
            "networkTransactionId": "1234567890123456",
            "issuingCardType": "Virtual"