Returns basic order information as well as an orderStatus field that should be used to confirm payment via Zip.

Pending Orders
Integrations should keep track of what orders have been sent to Zip for payment and have a scheduled job that runs every 10 minutes or so that checks the status of these orders via this 'GET Order' Endpoint. This ensures that if a customer doesn't get successfully redirected back to the integration's callback endpoint, the merchant's internal order status can be updated to reflect the outcome of the Zip checkout.

orderId returned should be persisted for successful Zip orders as it will be required to issue refunds in the future.

Possible values for orderStatus:

Created - Order has been created on Zip, but not yet completed.
Approved - Payment has been successfully completed on Zip.
Declined - Payment was unsuccessful on Zip.
Abandoned - Customer exited Zip payment flow before completing payment.

The returned data types will be the same as the body used to create the order.